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Energy Conservation Troubled by Heat Problems? HydroAir offers cooling fans that can cool down your hot working environment. Learn More Energy Conservation Troubled by Fume Problems? HydroAir Mist Fans can help suppress dust, fume, and odor problems in your industrial working environment. Learn More Energy Conservation Large Open Areas Outdoor Cooling Air Coolers and Mist Fans have extensive coverage suitable for cooling large open areas. Learn More Energy Conservation Designated Areas Zone Cooling Evaporative Air Coolers with air ducts bring cool fresh air to designated areas at minimal costs. Learn More Energy Conservation Small Areas Spot Cooling Evaporative Air Coolers can cool and ventilate small areas such as garages, workshops, cubicles, etc. Learn More

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About HydroAir

HydroAir is a registered trademark of X-Per, one of the leading Air Curtain and Air Quality Control Equipment manufacturers in Asia.

HydroAir offers the most complete range of Evaporative Air Coolers, Mist Fans, and Misting Pumps. Our product range covers all capacities and types, be it mobile or fixed installation. We have cooling solutions for household, commercial, and industrial applications.

Apart from HydroAir Evaporative and Mist Cooling fans, X-PER also manufactures other range of Air Movement and Air Quality Control  products, including Air Curtains, HEPA Air Filter, and Fume Extractors. Click here to visit to learn about Air Curtains.

With our flexible manufacturing system, we could offer product customization according to the customers’ requirements, at a very very low MOQ. Get in touch with us to learn more.

We Are Now a BOI-Promoted Company.

Evaporative Air Coolers & Mist Fans Manufacturer

Evaporative Cooling Fans utilize Cooling Pads to accelerate water evaporation thus reduce air temperature. It is a cooling solution without any mist or water droplets in the air stream, eliminating problem of excessive misting.

Mist Cooling Fans utilize the evaporation of tiny water droplets, equivalent to the size of natural mist, to cool down the air. Some common misting methods include pump & nozzles, spinning disk, ultrasonic atomization, etc.

Natural Cooling Fans utilize the conventional method of air movement to cool down objects. This cooling method may not be effective enough in cases whereby the ambient temperature is high due to the presence of heat source.

Here are some pictures from the numerous works we had completed to date, both domestic and international.

How effective is the cooling effect of Evaporative and Mist Cooling Fans?

The temperature drop that these fans can achieve is dependent on %RH (relative humidity) of the air. For 60-70%RH, temperature drop is around 5 degree C.

How much is the operating cost of Evaporative Cooling fans?

For Evaporative Cooling fans, the main operating cost comes from electricity consumption of the fan motor. So we can roughly estimate operating cost directly from the power rating of the fan motor stated in the catalog. For a 200W fan motor, the operating cost is typically around 1 THB/hr (assuming 5 THB/kW*hr).

Can Evaporative Cooling fans be used in enclosed space?

Evaporative Cooling fans can be used in enclosed space, as long as there is sufficient ventilation.

Will Evaporative Cooling fans increase the %RH of the area?

Provided that there is sufficient ventilation, the increase in %RH due to the use of Evaporative Cooling fans is minimal, typically in the 1 – 2% range.

Evaporative Cooling Benefits

  • Ideal for cooling large areas

    Indoor & Outdoor
  • No compressors needed

    Energy Saving
  • Cooling without water droplets

    Cooling Pads
  • Cooling with ultra-fine mist

    Mist Cooling