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How effective is the cooling effect of Evaporative and Mist Cooling Fans?

The temperature drop that these fans can achieve is dependent on %RH (relative humidity) of the air. For 60-70%RH, temperature drop is around 5 degree C.

How much is the operating cost of Evaporative Cooling fans?

For Evaporative Cooling fans, the main operating cost comes from electricity consumption of the fan motor. So we can roughly estimate operating cost directly from the power rating of the fan motor stated in the catalog. For a 200W fan motor, the operating cost is typically around 1 THB/hr (assuming 5 THB/kW*hr).

Can Evaporative Cooling fans be used in enclosed space?

Evaporative Cooling fans can be used in enclosed space, as long as there is sufficient ventilation.

Will Evaporative Cooling fans increase the %RH of the area?

Provided that there is sufficient ventilation, the increase in %RH due to the use of Evaporative Cooling fans is minimal, typically in the 1 – 2% range.