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TIS 934-2558
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About Us

Why Choose HydroAir?

HydroAir is a registered trademark under X-Per, one of the leading Air Curtain and Air Quality Equipment manufacturers in Asia. HydroAir offer the most complete range of Evaporative Air Cooling solutions including Air Coolers and Mist Fans. There are vast selection of products covering all sizes and types suitable for household, commercial, and industrial applications. We strive for outstanding design, superb product quality, and excellent service.

  • ISO 9001:2015Certified by BV
  • CECertified by Intertek
  • TIS 934-2558Certified by TISI
  • BOI PromotionAwarded by BOI
  • TTMThailand Trust Mark

HydroAir Products

Our manufacturing facilities include:

  • 3D CAD Product Design
  • CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Vacuum-Forming Mold Making
  • Injection Mold Making
  • 3D Prototyping Service
  • Plastic Injection Service


Our products include:

  • Mobile Air Coolers for spot cooling
  • Traditional Air Coolers for Ventilation & Cooling of Farms & Factories
  • Pressure Misting Fans and Pumps for outdoor zone cooling
  • Mobile Misting Fans for outdoor spot cooling

Air Quality Control

We can design Air Quality Control solutions for Ventilation, Filtration, Cooling, and Humidity Control applications.

Flexible Manufacturing

Our flexible manufacturing facilities enables us to support the smallest up to the largest scale of work with full customization.

Export Worldwide

More than 20 years experience in exporting our products to dealers and customers worldwide.

Turn-Key Solutions

We offer One-Stop-Service solutions to Air Quality control for household, commercial, and industrial applications.